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Dear members of the Saint Benedict Tridentine Catholic Community,

As Administrator of the Windsor Heritage Catholic Family of Parishes, I wanted to take this opportunity to write to you regarding the recent Motu Proprio issued by Pope Francis. Since the Motu Proprio was issued on Friday, I have had the opportunity to speak to several different members of the Saint Benedict Community. From those conversations, I know that many concerns, anxieties, and fears have arisen regarding the future status of the Community.

When we received word about the Motu Proprio on Friday, I wrote to Bishop Fabbro to open the channels of communication, and to begin the conversation about how the Motu Proprio affects the Saint Benedict Community. I have also been in contact with Fr. Peter, and assured him of my support during this time. As you will know from Fr. Peter’s letter, Bishop Joseph Dabrowski, the Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of London, has spoken to Fr. Peter and assured him that the Diocese is assessing the Motu Proprio, and will issue further guidance in due time. Until then, Masses and other Sacraments will continue as they have been.

While we wait for answers to the questions that have arisen, and for further guidance from Bishop Fabbro and the Diocese, I wish to echo Fr. Peter’s call for a spirit of prayer, and a spirit of unity in the Church.

One of the beautiful things about our Catholic Faith is the wide diversity of expression that is present. Whether one attends a Tridentine Mass, or an Ordinary Form Mass, or a Divine Liturgy in one of the Eastern Catholic Churches, we all receive the same Lord in the Eucharist. Each of these liturgies, when celebrated reverently and properly, draws us deeper into the mystery of God’s great love for each of us. I think one of the great tasks in our time is to show the world how this diversity of expression is a strength, and how we are still united in Christ, even if we don’t all worship in the exact same way.

As we wait for further updates from the Diocese, be assured of my prayers for all of you, and of my continued support for the Saint Benedict Community in the days and weeks ahead.

Sincerely in Christ,Fr. Steven Huber, CSB
Administrator of Spiritual Affairs
Windsor Heritage Catholic Family of Parishes

A message from Deacon Paul Bezaire, Administrator of Temporal Affairs for the Windsor Heritage Catholic Family of Parishes.

As Administrator of Spiritual Affairs for the Windsor Heritage Catholic Family of Parishes, the issue of the motu propio certainly falls under Fr. Steven’s jurisdiction. However, as Administrator of Temporal Affairs for the family of parishes, I would like to add my support for the St. Benedict Community. The extraordinary form is not my chosen form of worship. To be honest, I’ve only watched it on the live stream. Meanwhile, I’ve come to know and respect the attachment that the members of Saint Benedict have to the extraordinary form. I understand they are being fed in a way that would not be possible through the ordinary form and I consider it a valid and beautiful expression of our faith. As well, I love the diversity of the Windsor Heritage Family: University parish, Italian parish, African community, Ordinary form, Extraordinary form, migrants, all are welcome here. From my perspective, I stand solidly beside Fr. Steven and his support for the St Benedict Community. Dcn. Paul