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Opening Prayer

Father in heaven,
Thank you for family – watch over my loved ones
Thank you for play – help me to be happy and free
Thank you for my school – teach me to listen and learn
Thank you for food and rest – you give us lovely food and peaceful sleep
Thank you for all these wonderful things,



Gospel Reading

Mark 14: 12-16, 22-26    “The Body and the Blood of Christ”


Discussion Questions for the Gospel Reading

  1. What joyful event were Jesus and the disciples celebrating at the Last Supper?

 A: Every year the Jewish families and friends gathered together to share a meal which celebrated the Passover ( when they remembered how God had freed them from slavery in Egypt). 

  1. What did Jesus do at the Last Supper?

A: At the Last Supper, Jesus shared a loaf of bread and a cup of wine with his friends. He changed the bread and wine into his own body and blood, to nourish them with its life-giving power. Just as our bodies need nourishment to live, so do our souls.

  1. What happens when we celebrate the Mass together?

A: At Mass, we come as one large family to celebrate something that happened for all of us: the resurrection of Jesus. We share a meal together just as Jesus did at the Last Supper. At our celebration of the Eucharist ( which means “Thanksgiving”) we remember the meal Jesus shared with his friends and we share in his death and resurrection.  We believe that, through the power of God, the bread and wine become the body and blood of Jesus, who gave himself to each of us in a very special way.

Jesus said “ I am the bread of life” and when we share in the Eucharistic meal, we share life with the son of God himself.


Closing Prayer

Lord Jesus, you are the living bread, which comes to each of us in a special way.
Help me to share the joy of your love with others I meet.




Prepare a simple celebration meal (parent and children together) like Jesus did with the disciples at the last supper. Use a tablecloth, candles (parents supervision) and re-enact the scene with some pita bread and grape juice.