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“The kingdom of God”

Opening Prayer:

At baptism, we are given the light of Christ’s love,
which burns in our hearts.
As children of the light, may our goodness shine out for others to see,
so that they, too, will feel the warmth of God’s love,
And  become part of his kingdom.

Gospel Reading Mark 4: 26-34:

Discussion Question for Gospel Reading:

  1. Can you remember what a parable is? 

A: a parable is a short , simple story which Jesus told to explain an important truth or teaching to the people.  In today’s parable, Jesus talked about the tiny mustard seed and the way that it grows into a large and sturdy plant, to explain how the kingdom of God can grow. The mustard seed plant and its seeds were a common sight in Israel.

  1. Do you know any small seeds which grow into large plants or trees? 

A:  Examples of seeds are apple, orange, chestnuts, acorns, or sunflower seeds. Look up any pictures you can find on what mighty plants or trees these seeds become.

Jesus often talked about the kingdom of God and today’s parable, he tries to explain more about it.

The kingdom of God grows from small beginnings like the tiny mustard seed. The word of God is planted in our hearts, and as we grow in kindness, love, understanding, and forgiveness, we share it with others and in this way God’s kingdom grows, too.

Closing Prayer: