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When I was in grade school, several of my teachers had a poster with “the golden rule” at the front of the classroom. This rule, found in our Gospel passage today, was simple: “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” On the surface, this rule seems simple, and it is likely something that many of us can say without so much as a second thought. If only it were as easy to put it into practice!  

In our First Reading this weekend, David gives us an example of how to live out this rule. He knows that Saul is seeking to take his life, and that he could easily take Saul’s life in return and inherit the throne that is rightfully his. David shows great restraint, however, because he recognizes that Saul is the Lord’s Anointed, and it is not his place to bring Saul to justice. David’s hope is that by sparing Saul’s life, Saul will show him the same mercy.  

Jesus, in presenting this golden rule in the Gospel, also presents a list of other ways in which to live. This list culminates in the golden rule, and it challenges us to seriously examine how we live our lives in relation to others. Instead of focusing on our own interests, we are challenged to look out for the needs and interests of others. Instead of seeking to get revenge, we are challenge to love our enemies, bless those who curse us, and pray for those who abuse us. Instead of judging and condemning others, we are called to forgive.  

This is not always an easy way to live, especially when our society seems to value the individual over the collective, and places revenge and retribution ahead of forgiveness. Jesus makes it clear, however, that what we give is what we will receive in return. If we expect to receive great blessings in life, then we must be willing to be generous to those around us, especially those we might consider to be our enemies.      

As we draw nearer to the season of Lent, I invite each of you to look at your lives, and ask yourselves how well you are truly loving others through your day-to-day actions. Does something need to change for you to grow closer to God and to others? If it does, don’t be afraid to ask God in prayer for the grace to live as He has called us to live through the Gospel.  

Sincerely in Christ,

Fr. Steven Huber, CSB